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Solar & Generator – Perfected by Their Environment

Product Description

Total electrical independence starts here. Everseiko Power has carefully designed and engineered all of our per-packaged off-grid solar power systems to be faster and easier to install.Our Off-Grid solar kits produce zero emissions,are noiseless,and quipped with all-in-one packaging solution for quick and easy installation.

Standard Grid-tie systems will not provide electricity directly to your house during a power outage due to safety regulations(anti-is landing) even if the solar modules are producing DC current. Our Off-Grid systems are independent of the standard utility grid,and can typically deliver the equivalent expectations of the traditional grid.

Whether you will be using an off-grid solar system for your remote cabin,your place of business,or your full-time residence, EverSeiko Power has an off grid solution that can fit almost any installation requirement. EverSeiko Power’s Off-grid
kits have the capability to be expanded if future energy storage is required.

Product Benefits

  • Become completely energy independent
  • Reduce the burning of fossil fuels for a healthier environment
  • Eliminate the problems of grid blackouts

Common Application

  • Installation sites where bringing in the electricity from the grid is too expensive or difficult.
  • Locations where liquid fuel costs are too high or difficult to maintain.
  • Those looking to be completely independent from the grid.
  • Those who cannot afford to lose power or have power outage.

EverSeiko Solar & Battery — 5KW

EverSeiko Solar & Battery — 10KW

EverSeiko Solar & Battery — 15KW

EverSeiko Solar & Battery — 20KW

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